• Rules

1 - Server Rules:

§1.1 - Treat others with respect and dignity. We do not tolerate any insults, insults, threats or racist insinuations towards server members.

§1.2 - Do not spam in the chat and do not use CAPS LOCK, also do not send or stream inappropriate, NSFW or illegal things.

§1.3 - It is forbidden to excessively switch voice channels and to making excessively loud and disturbing sounds in the voice channels.

§1.4 - Do not share personal data with anyone else and also do not ask for it from anyone.

§1.5 - Advertisements or any other promotion without agreement will be deleted and subsequently punished.

§1.6 - Maintain a decent name and profile picture in accordance with rule §1.2.

§1.7 - Follow the rules of Discord, you can find them here: https://discord.com/terms.


2 - Company Management Rules:

§2.1 - Management should be helpful to every member of the VTC.

§2.2 - Each member of the management should perform his work at least 5 hours per month.

§2.3 - During any convoy/event, the management should follow the convoy/event rules and make sure H&K drivers do so aswell.

§2.4 - Management may not ask for personal data during recruitment, the exception being age.

§2.5 - Management may not arbitrarily remove roles from server members.

§2.6 - Management should drive representatively and follow TruckersMP rules.


3 - H&K Express Drivers rules:

§3.1 - Each Driver should participate in 2 friendly and 1 company convoy. If this is not possible, a ticket must be created in ⁠⁠📩┋contact-us . Those which will fail to do so will be penalized.

§3.2 - Obligation to join the VTC on the TruckersMP website. https://truckersmp.com/vtc/69466

§3.3 - Obligation to use company colors, paint and tag: H&K Express on convoys and events.

§3.4 - Obligation to be on our discord server. If you lose your discord account, let VTC management know.

§3.5 - No stalling, knocking down, blocking or swearing at other VTC members or TruckersMP players.

§3.6 - Prohibition of using cheats or other modifications to simplify the game i.e. speedhack, no collision, etc... (cheats for money and xp are allowed).

§3.7 - Prohibition of using Convoy Control paint for drivers. Only H&K Convoy Control are allowed.

§3.8 - Respect any orders you get from management.


⚠️ Ignorance of the rules does not excuse you, by joining our server you agree to all the rules written above. ⚠️